About Anne

Anne Marshall created the concept for "Thatshouldbeonapillow!" after reading an article, "What's Your Favorite Piece of Advice from Your Mother?" in Real Simple magazine, May 2006:


There were so many poignant and unforgettable phrases in that piece. I just knew that there must be a way to capture those cherished words in a new and funny way. My love of fabrics and interior design shaped the form the the product would eventually take - beautifully designed boudoir size pillows that live in every room in the house. What I love about pillows is the fact that they are an affordable luxury. I wanted to create a product that cost about the same as a great haircut, a facial or a pair of sandals.


Charlotte Moss captures the essence of the product in her new book, A Flair for Living. The pillows we create are just another form of autobiography, they speak volumes in very few words.

Anne Marshall
Founder and designer

For a decade, as a co-founder of WomanTrend, Anne Marshall tracked trends that women create and the trends that affect women’s lives – especially their buying habits. The concept for "Thatshouldbeonapillow!" was based on three enduring trends:

As the definition of "family" continues to mutate (single parent families, adoptions, mixed families with multiple parents, families living farther and farther apart) the need to capture family history and pass it on in unique and interesting ways continues to grow. Women are at the center of the quest to gather memories for the next generation. "Thatshouldbeonapillow!" gives women a vehicle to do just that.